Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Thing 6

Reflective Piece:
Thing 3:
In thing 3 for Rudai 23 I was asked to download an image from one of the image bank sites mentioned in the description of the task and upload to either my blog or Flickr account.
This was a relatively easy task in my opinion. In thing 3 I wrote a short blog and then uploaded an image from Flickr that was relevant to the piece I wrote. Thankfully this task was straight forward so no help was needed in completing thing 3. Flickr was very user friendly and consequently I found the image that I uploaded without huge difficulty. The one aspect that I was a little bit paranoid about was the whole copyright issue.  As a result when checking on Flickr for an image I only checked out images that had a creative commons basis.
In conclusion the instructions for the above task were clear and concise. As a result I encountered no real problems in completing the task.
Thing 4:
The task for thing 4 was to download a mobile app with the aim to create a video which I uploaded to my blog.
I uploaded the Quik app to my phone. I selected photos from a recent trip to Paris; I then selected my theme, music and format etc. I really enjoyed experimenting with the various features in Quik. I found Quik really fun to use and I have no excuse to use it in the future now that I have downloaded the app onto my phone. I think it could be especially useful to record family trips, holidays and special occasions. Again I needed no help in creating my video in Quik as I played around with the app for a while before putting together the video. I uploaded the video to my Facebook page and I then copied and pasted the link to my blog.
In conclusion the above task was achievable without any help and I had a lot of fun in using Quik. If I was to offer some advice it would be to give yourself enough time to play around with the app before finalising your video.
Thing 5:
My task for thing 5 was to create an account with Powtoon and from there to put together some slides that could be uploaded onto my blog.
In thing 5 I decided to create an account with Powtoon as opposed to Screencast-O-matic to put together some slides. After much deliberation I decided to put together some photos I had taken of my local area, Ballina/Killaloe. I created 4 slides. The first slide was a photo taken of the Cathedral in Killaloe a number of years ago. This is a very prominent building in the area and is very visible on your approach into Ballina from Birdhill. The second slide is a photo of my daughter running through a wooded area on the shores of Lough Derg. The third and fourth are the millennium cross and my garden respectively. I found PowToon to be very similar to PowerPoint which I would have used quite a bit in my various working situations. I really enjoyed playing around with the various features in PowToon.  Even though my presentation may seem very amateur and basic to the expert eye I was happy with it. The only difficulty I encountered was trying to embed the presentation on my blog. I eventually managed to upload to Facebook and from there I copied the link which I pasted to my blog.
In conclusion PowToon was fun to use; it is designed for those of us who would not be experts in creating video presentations so it is very user friendly.

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